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— by AnaMardoll AnaMardoll
I went to book club last night -- with real people! -- and while it was lovely, I learned three things:

1. I've never been able to drive well past 10 pm and it's time for me to admit that this isn't going to change with age. At this point, maybe I need to stop meeting with Real People Book Clubs that are pretty much guaranteed to leave me driving home sleepy and foggy-brained.

2. If your best friend is making hot cocoa for the first time, you need to be there to help her not put in a 1:1 ratio of vanilla extract to cocoa powder. I forgot that simple rule last night.

3. It's really easy to feel like you're an ass when you're a member of X demographic group talking about a member of Y less-privileged group, as represented in the book in question. I've got to write a post on this, but I'm not sure what it will say yet.