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— by Bell Bell
Ah, I don't really know about any actual effects of vanilla extract, it was just a joke. Probably could've worded it better.

"Shadow Over Innsmouth" sounds like a terrifying thing to listen to while driving home in the dark. I mean, the first part of the story is all about strange things half-seen in shadowed avenues, which seems a little on-the-nose for a drive home. My resistance to horror in general is pretty high, and most of Lovecraft's stories didn't do much for me in that sense, as much as I liked them for other reasons,* but Innsmouth was just sharp enough that I was pretty uncomfortable at night for the next few days, and that was in the comfort of my own home. But maybe that's just the thing you need to keep yourself from falling asleep at the wheel.

*Special exception goes to The Colour Out of Space, which managed to petrify me more than any other piece of fiction in years, for reason I have yet to fully understand. I feel like I should go read it again, try and figure out why it affected me so much, but the idea of touching it again actually makes me feel nervous. It might have something to do with the fact that, at the time of reading, I was in an unfamiliar, broken-down cottage, isolated in the middle of the French countryside, in the dead of night. Maybe it was more the circumstances, than the actual book? Then again, I was in the middle of a Lovecraft short story Marathon, and the ones I read before and after didn't prove nearly as sharp. I'm definitely going to need to read it again...