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This is a thread where we can talk about our hair and the things we're doing to it.

First up is cornrows. I want cornrows in my hair, and I want to do it myself, and I doubt there's anyone in my city who knows how or who i could pay to do it and if I'm wrong about that I still think it would be expensive. I've seen on youtube that it's possible to do it to yourself, though the women on youtube doing their hair have more talent and endurance than I do, not to mention practice.

Anyway, my problem is that I get two rows done and then my elbows start aching and my fingers start hurting and my arms get really, really tired. And by the time my elbows and fingers have recovered and are no longer tired, and I might add a few more rows in, I've slept on the hair style several times and it's all gone fuzzy anyway.

But I've found a solution, kinda. I did my hair up in dutch braids (which are the same as corn rows except they're a lot bigger -- half my head in one, half in the other). Then today I took out one of them, brushed it, divided it in half, and did two cornrows, leaving the other side alone. Tomorrow, I'll do the other side. The day after that I'll probably take apart one of the ones on the left side, whichever is fuzziest, and split that into two smaller ones.

Eventually, hopefully, they'll get small enough that they can go a week or two before getting fuzzy. Also hopefully, if I just get into the habit of doing two braids I'll get up the endurance to someday do three or four. And then one day I'll be able to do my whole head.