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Another way to practice which lets you have a nice looking style when you don't have the endurance for more than a few braids is to do a headband style. You can do this if you have no bangs or if your bangs are long enough.

Part your hair ear to ear, like a headband, with just a small bit of hair, maybe an inch wide to start with. Put the rest back in a ponytail to keep it out of your way. Starting at one ear, section into three, then to get it started do a couple passes of a normal reverse braid, that is, instead of "outside goes into the middle", take the middle strand and move it over the left and it becomes the new left. Then take the new middle and move it over the right and it becomes the new right. If you need to, spend a while just practicing braiding like that.

But back to the cornrow. This is going to be a headband, so the "top" of the braid is by your one ear, and for a while "down" is the top of your head, then once you get there, down will be your other ear. Start the corn row with the normal stitches of reverse braid, then when you go to pull the center hair to the outside, grab a little bit of hair with it. Grab a little hair into the middle each time before crossing over the outside strand, and continue braiding "down" to the top of your head and around to your other ear. When you run out of hair to add into it, continue with the normal reverse braid until you run out of hair or get tired of it and tie it off with a hair tie.

If your hands aren't tired yet, part another bit of hair and do another cornrow. I like to alternate direction so if I started the first with my left ear, I'll start the second with my right ear. When you get bored/tired, you can stop and leave the rest of your hair down and it looks fine. Somewhat easier is parting it in the center (or however you normally part it), then sectioning out a front section of hair on the left, and another on the right, and then braiding down towards your ears from the part on both sides. Do one on the left and then one on the right to keep the parts even on both sides.

If you want them going back, though, you have less options. You can section out the tiny bit of hair that's going to go over your left ear and then down and braid that, and then section out the next tiny bit of hair, and then the next, but by the time you get a few in you'll probably be fairly tired, and there's no hair styles for that which don't look like "oh hey i totally got distracted in the middle of fixing my hair here." Which is why I'm trying to just go big.

It's not hard once you get the hang of it -- it does take a little to get used to the rhythm of it, but you just try to keep your hands as close to your scalp as possible. You don't want it too tight -- if it hurts, you need to braid a little looser. Braiding too tightly can lead to hair loss. If it doesn't hurt, you'll be fine. It's a good protective style -- you can leave it in for a while and it won't get tangled and matted from everyday wear and tear. The hard part for me is that my hands and elbows cramp up. But I'm hoping that with practice i'll build up strength.

Youtube searches like "how to cornrow your own hair" helped me a lot. :)