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Broke apart the big one (on the right) today into two smaller ones. There are two on the left as well, one you can see in this picture (it's the messy one that's been slept in) and one you can't. I'll probably take apart the top left one tomorrow and break it into two smaller ones. When I get to the point that doing two braids doesn't hurt my hands, I'll start breaking them into threes, and then after that I'll pick two braids to redo a day. Though once they get small enough I'll keep them at the size I want.

The ones on the top of my head are definitely the hardest. But if I sit on a chair in front of the mirror, put my feet up against the wall, rest my elbows on my knees, put my hands on top of my head as if i were braiding someone else's hair, and don't look in the mirror, it works. (If I do look in the mirror, i get confused about right and left. if i don't do it in front of a mirror, i miss hairs.)