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Just hit shoulder length recently. about an inch past now. Also the bottom third of my head (draw a straight line from ear to ear parallel with the floor on the back of my head) is shaved -- though it's grown out and is a couple inches long. Need to shave it again. I have so much hair (it's ridiculously thick) that I still have more hair than a normal person this way, and shaving the bottom half makes it less heavy.

Cornrows need hair that's about 5 inches long (root to tip) at least, especially if your hair is finer. If your hair is coarser, you can do it with shorter hair. If your hair is long enough to take a tiny section (as thin as you can manage to braid) and do a normal braid (if you do this to your whole head, it's called box braids, particularly if you part it into little squares instead of just grabbing a bit of hair here and there), then it's long enough for corn rows of that size.

My braid looks longer than you'd expect for shoulder length because it starts at the very top of my head and follows my head down to my shoulders, instead of starting at my neck and ending an inch or two later :)

If your hair is curly -- and I think I saw you mention that somewhere, it's probably longer than shoulder length when stretched out -- unless you meant "shoulder length when dripping wet and stretched out", of course. But even if that's the case, your hair is long enough for cornrows.

Ideally, I'd have about 3 times as many cornrows on my head as I do right now. The cornrows I've done are much thicker and have more hair in them than you'd expect -- this is why there's so much hair falling out of them as well -- my hair's not quite long enough for "only four braids". If I were braiding smaller, the hair would stay in, and would stay looking nice for longer than a day. As they get smaller they'll last a week or two (with my hair type) before starting to look mussy. :)