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Well, I'm a lesbian, so I can't speak for straight women, but I think braids look nice on guys. If you're not cis, though, and passing is important to you, you'll probably want to avoid many braided styles (cornrows are unisex, but french braids and braided pigtails and the like are read as female). If it's scraggly at the ends, and that bothers you, you might try trimming it a smidge -- you don't have to trim very much and it's easy to get it straight.

What you do is you brush it until all the snaggles are out. Then take a scrunchy (or a pony tail holder, but a scrunchy is better), put your hair in a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck. Don't put it on too tightly, you want it fairly loose. Get it as close to the center as you can. Look straight ahead or even slightly up if you want it straight -- if you want a V then look down a bit. Look down a lot for a more pronounced V.) Now pull the scrunchy down towards the ends of your hair, trying to keep it in the center. Don't pull it all the way off, just down a fair way. Now carefully bring the hair in front where you can see what you're doing (try not change the pony tail at this point. Now that you can see what you're doing, cut the end of your hair off, as much as you want cut (better to take too little off and do it again to take more off than to take too much off in one go). Remove the pony tail and brush it again. Look at it in a mirror and verify that it's even. :)

More detailed instructions, with pictures and advice on how to do different cuts

As for my own hair... made it to five braids and then didn't do anything to it today. It's been at least a week since I washed it and it's not the tiniest bit oily, which is nice. Usually after a week it's starting to look a bit dirty, but it still looks clean. I think i'm getting a sore throat, though, and i'm generally miserable, so that's why i didn't do anything.