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So recently I've been buying up the Deathlands books I'm missing in my collection and sending them off to 1DollarScan to be cut and scanned so that I can read them on my eReader. In the process, I bought a big lot off eBay that had more than I actually need. The "resale value" on Amazon for the bulk of these is going to be shipping + pennies, so......... I figured it would be easier just to send them to people I actually know and like for just the shipping.

If you want any of these, speak up. I have a Paypal link here ( ) for "donations" (i.e., shipping cost) and the cost of Media Mail to the U.S. is gonna be $2.41 per book ( ). I can't get more than a book (or MAYBE two) in a media mail envelope, but if you're wanting these in bulk, the Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes are $14.95 and I can fit 20 books into one of those babies.

When you go through the "donation" link, be sure your address is correct and remember to tell me which book you want ( ) or you'll have to email me and tell me directly.

These are prices for the U.S.; if you'd like me to ship somewhere else, I'm happy to, but you'll have to figure out the postage for me -- my zipcode is 76179, if that helps.

And if anyone else wants to swap in this thread, have at it. I've used SwapTree, which is great but they don't have a lot of these older titles in their database, and I've used GoodReads' swap, but they're discontinuing it. *shrug*


List of titles I want to send far away from my home because the clutter is cluttery:

Deathlands: Blood Harvest
Deathlands: Cannibal Moon
Deathlands: Cold Asylum
Deathlands: Crater Lake
Deathlands: Dark Carnival
Deathlands: Dark Reckoning
Deathlands: Dectra Chain
Deathlands: Destiny's Truth
Deathlands: Doom Helix
Deathlands: Gemini Rising
Deathlands: Ground Zero
Deathlands: Homeward Bound
Deathlands: Moon Fate
Deathlands: Moonfeast
Deathlands: Neutron Solstice
Deathlands: Nightmare Passage
Deathlands: Pandora's Redoubt

Deathlands: Pilgrimage to Hell <--- First dibs goes to Cupcakedoll because she asked like, forever ago, and I kept forgetting to answer. (

Deathlands: Pony Soldiers
Deathlands: Prophecy
Deathlands: Rat King
Deathlands: Red Equinox
Deathlands: Red Holocaust
Deathlands: Rider, Reaper
Deathlands: Shadowfall
Deathlands: Time Nomads
Deathlands: Trader Redux

Oh, and do whatever you want with these when you're done, 'cause I don't want them back.