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Thanks for the advice! I'm not especially invested in masculinity - it's kind of a matter of convenience, than what I actually want - and attracting people isn't really a concern. It's just about looking for things that I think might suit me, honestly. I haven't thought much about braids, before, but I'll certainly give them a try. Plenty of hair to use, after all, and now I come to think of it, I do remember seeing some examples I rather liked. I'll experiment a little, see what works. And I'll definitely be trying out some of those self-trimming techniques. I never get it cut as often as I should, it always feels like such a hassle going to a hairdresser when it's barely a matter of minutes to just trim the ends, but if I can get used to doing it myself, it'd probably do wonders for my ends.

How are you feeling, anyway? Did that sore throat develop into anything?