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I've found youtube videos to be really useful. There are tons of teenage girls who are more than happy to post videos of themselves where they explain how to put on eyeshadow or how they do up their hair or whatever. I wish we had youtube back when I was in high school, I would've been a lot more fashionable. Another group that tends to post howto videos is mothers. They will make a video showing how they do up their child's hair, from the basics of "how to do a simple, three strand braid" to much more complicated stuff. So whatever your skill level, I can highly recommend youtube. :)

If you haven't braided hair before, I'd recommend starting with a three strand braided ponytail (pigtails are easier because you aren't doing anything in the back of your head, but most adults don't wear pigtails). Another place to start is with a rope braid which looks harder but is even easier. You put your hair up in a high-ish ponytail with a hair tie, divide into three strands, then twist the right most one to the right and bring it over to the left. Then you twist the right most one (which was in the middle at the beginning), twist it to the right, and bring it over to the left). And you keep going in that fashion until you run out of hair, at which point you tie it off with another hair tie. Easy to do and looks nice. So, if the hair starts out in three sections: ABC, you twist C to the right and move it to the left of A: CAB. Then you do the same to B and get BCA, then you do the same to A and have ABC again.

If you're ready for something more advanced, I'd recommend the herringbone (also called fishtail) (which is also somewhat easy), french braids, french herringbone (easier the a french braid in my opinion), and then dutch braids, which are basically large corn rows.

For cornrows, there are feminine and masculine styles. Masculine styles tend go straight back and the harder styles that i haven't attempted yet involve zigzags. Feminine styles have more curves and instead of going straight back will go at an angle.

Another option, which is no harder than the simple three strand braided ponytail, it just takes longer, is box braids. You part a small square of hair, about a square inch, though you can certainly make them smaller, and then braid that. Then you part another small square of hair and braid that. After an exceedingly long period of time (which will be shorter if you make the braids larger), your entire head will be covered in them and you can wear them for several weeks.

Another style which is great for medium-long hair, and especially good if you have thinner hair and want to bulk it up a little is like box braids, but instead of braiding them, you just twist. You part out a small section of hair, twist it as tightly as you can, then put your finger at the halfway point and bend it around your finger into a U shape. Remove your finger, and it should then twist around itself. You can tie it, but if the section of hair is small enough, you won't have to; it'll stay on its own. They are much faster to do than box braids, but will stay in less time. Definitely take them out before they get matted.

Sore throat doesn't hurt so much anymore now, just a little, and I've been extra tired. It didn't develop normally like a sore throat should. When I look at my throat in the mirror, there's still a white spot at the back of my throat that looks like an abscess, but it hasn't gotten bigger. Maybe it'll go away eventually.

I had an ear infection recently (it's been about a month since it's healed), and that wasn't a normal ear infection either. It was a largish abscess in my ear canal. I put over the counter ear drops in it and kept draining it with qtips (it was close enough to the surface that i could see it with a mirror. I didn't put the qtip in farther than I could see) and after a week or so it got better.

I can't lance the one in my throat myself. It's too far back and my gag reflex is too strong. But hopefully it'll go away.