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Re: Depression and S.A.D. (Trigger Warning!)
— by Brin Brin
AnaMardoll wrote
And since Husband is much older than me and Parents are MUCH older than me, when I hurt like this, it brings home the 'fact' that they will all die first and leave me alone and I won't have anyone to help me go to the bathroom because our reproductive efforts failed and I'll be alone and sad and WHY DO I THINK OF THIS JUST BECAUSE IT'S WINTER? *facepalm*
Younger friends that don't live in Canada? (Or move to Canada, but that's not so good SAD-wise. *looks pointedly out wind...oh hey, snow's gone. I'm sure it'll be back soon, though. Also Weather Underground says you have forty more minutes of afternoon today than us.*)

AnaMardoll wrote
And, uh, here is a ninja.
Nice. I like the typing one more, though, even if it is desktop-y.
(It's called "working"? Isn't this, like, the opposite of working?)