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Re: Depression and S.A.D. (Trigger Warning!)
— by chris the cynic chris the cynic
AnaMardoll wrote
And... um... I don't know why I'm sharing this. I really hate "whining"
That's how I feel whenever I talk about depression.  Every word.  And the ellipses too.


I asked for an incomplete* in one of my classes yesterday.  My teacher was great about it, for she is awesome.  (Completely unrelated, I just did a search for her** and found out we have the same birthday, did not know that.)  The thing is, whenever I talk about depression, whenever I ask for something because of it or explain something by pointing to it, I feel like I'm whining and I don't like the feeling.

I also don't like the "h" in whining, I really feel like it should not be there.  I don't know why.  Whenever I look at the word I feel like I haven't seen it before, and when I try to spell it I'm pretty sure I always, or almost always, forget the h.  It's weird.


Anyway, I bring this up mostly to say that you're not alone.


*It means that the class will be counted as unfinished and I'll be given additional time to finish it where if I took the final and did the final paper I think I'd fail both.  It's supposed to only happen under extraordinary circumstances.

** I did the search so I could say the following.

This is my teacher, by the way.  I haven't actually read the book, but I assume it to be great.  Though I do know that she was told by the publisher to change the title and add a certain chapter.  When it came out reviewers didn't like the title, or the chapter in question.  The rest of the book was apparently well received.

Be on the lookout for her translation of Catullus which is currently being worked on.  Though, I'll probably say something when it publishes so being on the lookout probably won't actually make a difference.