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Re: Depression and S.A.D. (Trigger Warning!)
— by pthalo pthalo
I glad you doing better :)

I'm doing okay. Took the cat to the vet again. Her eyes get better and then i take the elizabethan collar off and she starts scratching again, so i put the collar back on...etc. She's having me try yet another cream, and she also wants Csillag eat more expensive food. I explained that the food we buy costs 1/4 the price of the stuff she wants Csillag to eat and she offered to take a little off the price of visiting the vet if I'd buy the cat food, so I came home with $23 worth of cat food (1.5 kg) (i usually pay $3.50/kg) and the vet visit was $30 in all. sheesh. But I can afford it this month, mum sent me money out of the blue, and the value of the forint is plummeting, so I have more spending money than usual.

I compared the labels when I got home, and the expensive stuff does have a lot more vitamins in it.

I bought 100g of ham today, and some bread rolls. It's supposed to be kept between 0 and 5°C, and it's 3°C outside, so i put it on the balcony. :) Now to see how much of it I can eat for my dinner before the cats swarm me. My guess is that they'll swarm me as soon as I open it but before I eat any.