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Re: Depression and S.A.D. (Trigger Warning!)
— by Dezster Dezster
It's okay, I understand.  Thinking about it now, I wish I had got help or tried to get an incomplete or something, but it's Saturday and I leave early on Monday morning, so there's no way to get the paperwork in in time nor do I feel like trying to explain it all to my professors cuz then I feel even more like fail.  I failed two classes two years ago and since then I've been on the verge of being kicked out pretty much every semester.

I keep telling everyone that the main reason I'm so behind is that my dad had a brain aneurysm rupture 2 and a half weeks ago, and so my sisters and I flew home for a week because we didn't know if he would survive it.  He's okay now, but I did end up missing a week of classes and homework time, since I obviously didn't bring homework home with me.  That's not entirely true though, as I've been putting off homework pretty much all semester.  I have papers that were due in October that I haven't even started yet, and I don't think I'll get the time to finish them.  I just need a clone of myself or something so that I can do twice as much work and actually get it all done.  Even now, I'm on Facebook and Pinterest instead of working on homework... I just can't make myself do it.