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Re: Depression and S.A.D. (Trigger Warning!)
— by Dezster Dezster
Double post, my bad.

I talked to the Dean of Education today (he was at the school for church and I'm working) and he says that it is possible to take a year off starting in January and still be able to come back into the program next January, that is if I pass my courses this semester.  I felt at the end of last school year that I should have taken a year off to just work and not do school, but I was afraid I wouldn't get into my program if I took the time off in between.

I'm going to take the next couple weeks of vacation to discuss with Boyfriend and others and see if that's something I should do.  I feel in my heart like I should, and the more I think about taking time off school, the better I feel personally.  But I don't want to make a rash decision just cuz right now I'm looking at an impossible mountain of work that I will never get done in time.