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TV Tropes is actually a horrible place.
— by Brahman Brahman
No, really. Yeah, it's a great place to kill time, as long as you ignore anything beginning with "This troper", the fanfiction categories, etc. But the forums? Well, as TwinGuinep in the comments of one This Troper video put it, "TVTropes has shown that they're quite accepting of pedos, stalkers and racists as long as they say their bullshit in a polite manner."

This is actually true. On TV Tropes, they have a rule: "Don't be a dick." They have no rules saying "Don't be a pedophile," or "Don't be a white supremacist." So if any troper makes a post on the forums defending pedophile animes, or talking about how immigrating is destroying white culture, and you call them out on it, YOU'RE the bad guy.

For proof, check out: No less than THREE threads on Something Awful dedicated to finding the terrible things on the site. A Youtube channel, dedicated to reading the worst of Troper Tales (starting before it got nuked, in part due to the work of the above threads).

I'm not expecting you guys to give up your Wiki Walks because of me. I just noticed a lot of links to the site on this blog, and I thought I should do my part to warn you about the site's seamy underbelly.