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Re: TV Tropes is actually a horrible place.
— by AnaMardoll AnaMardoll
I'm not really sure how to respond to this, but I guess I should.

(1) I guess it's not a bad thing to point out that TV Tropes is not a Safe Space. I've dealt with that here and there, including here. But, yes, it's not a Safe Space. It's a space that is pretty openly not self-policing, which means that there are some really incredibly good members who fight the good fight and there are some bad members who leave their mess everywhere and there is a lot of in-between. So I guess that bears repeating, thank you.

(2) However. There is a big difference between X site has some dreadful people and X site systemically encourages dreadful people. For instance, years ago I actually read through all the Something Awful Hentai reviews in an attempt to work them into a paper for a college class I sadly ended up dropping. I recall that the Hentai reviews were hugely popular on the Something Awful site. I wouldn't say that all of the SAers wanted Hentai reviews because they got an illicit thrill reading about the Hentai that the reviewer(s) chose to review, but I'll bet at least a few of them did and I'll bet a few of them posted comments that were not appropriate on the topic. I'm guessing. Does that make SA a horrible place or does it mean that it has some horrible people on it? It probably depends on one's perspective.

(3) Having said that, quite a few of those links are exceedingly problematic and say more about the topic starter than TV Tropes.  Quite a few of the arguments presented "against" TV Tropes are the bog-standard insults of people online, e.g., that people who are online are unattractive, lack social skills, never leave the house, and therefore should be mocked. I'm not on board with that, and anyone reading this can consider this post a retroactive TRIGGER WARNING: BODY POLICING for at least a couple of those links.

Nor am I on board with judging quite a few of those quotes as anything problematic at all! For instance, I sympathize with the TV Troper who mentioned struggling with a reactionary "hit back" reflex when people, including small children, strike zem. That quote does not make TV Tropes a bad place nor zem a bad person, and actually says more about the Something Awfuler that felt that was damning evidence for their thread.

Anyway, those are my two cents. I agree that TV Tropes is not actively a Safe Space, certainly no more than Something Awful.