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— by AnaMardoll AnaMardoll
I felt that you wouldn't link to them if you knew the site had articles on pedophile anime and torture porn without condemning them, and banned all forms of criticism and negativity. Also, better people than me have tried to fix the site, and failed. Case in point.
TV Tropes is, as Chris has noted, an attempt at an encyclopedic work. I support their decision to not pass judgment on Tropes/Works pages as any attempt to do so would immediately spiral into fan-fights back and forth (one of your SA links even points this out, so...yeah). If you have a problem with non-critical articles on Things That Exist, you have a problem with pretty much every Wiki on the Internet.

I think encyclopedic repositories have immense value to society. I also expect people who read up the Trope/Work pages to be able to make up their own mind from the "factual" articles without needing an editorial slant to hold their hand. I appreciate the attempt at a neutral tone, whether the topic is Twilight or Left Behind or F.A.T.A.L. or Lolicons.

Again, this is five months minimum. And even if no mods ran across it, why did none of the tropers object? None of them thought, "Hey, this is sick and wrong. Maybe it might be an invaluable resource, but our site's not for that, it's for playing with fiction."
Probably for the same reason that YOU didn't feel the need to report the SA threads to the SA moderators and instead decided to ignore all the Fail: No one is obligated to spend their life fighting Obvious Trolls. (hey, look! It's a post I've already linked to in this thread!) I'm frankly not pleased at all that you've decided to just outright ignore Chris' points by saying, essentially, 'my bad on the word choice' and then just breezed on without addressing the substance of his post. Let me elucidate: YOU brought in links to this forum to SA threads where the following occurs:

1. Pictures (apparently of TV Tropers) are posted (apparently without their permission) apparently in order to mock their bodies and their clothing choices. This is Body Shaming. 

2. A TV Troper with an apparent trigger against violence and an apparent sense of humor about it is condemned out of context as a violent child abuser. This is Trigger Shaming.

3. Erotic fiction is posted (apparently without the author's permission) apparently in order to mock the author's sexual fantasies and/or unpolished writing style. This is Kink Shaming.

4. A TV Troper is discussed in highly inappropriate ableist terms for having a non-standard fan reaction ("soulbonding") to fictional works. This is Ableist Shaming.

5. A remark is made about a certain mainstream religion in ableist terms. This is Religious Shaming.

Do I need to continue? YOU posted these links on MY site, and I am leaving it up because -- like TV Tropes -- I value open dialogue, even if it's dialogue that I find disgusting and disturbing. Yet according to the logic that you are applying to TV Tropes (but not to Something Awful!), I am a really truly bad person for not insta-banning you and the fact that I've left this material up in this space, and indeed the fact that I didn't respond 'claws out' after your first post, indicates that, I dunno, I agree with or approve of all this shaming. So, thanks for handing me that little moral dilemma: delete your post and stifle discussion on the board or leave it up for the next SA thread to call me out for being ableist what with me not deleting that post and all. *sigh*

For what it's worth, I find TV Tropes in my experience to be a much safer space than anything you have linked to on Something Awful in this thread. Your mileage may, of course, vary. However, I have no interest in continuing this bizarre conversation on why Bob The Barbarian or Dave The Dog or anyone else I've never even heard of wasn't banned by people I don't know on a time-table that someone else would better approve of. It's becoming quite surreal in this thread.