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tales from the book department
— by Cupcakedoll Cupcakedoll
I'm merrily shelving books and plotting fanfic in my head when a woman approaches me.  "Is this all the Left Behind you've got?"

"Yep, I put them all right there."

(paraphrased) "Ah.  I love these books, I've read lots of religious books but these just showed me some new things, now I'm looking for a copy of the first one for my son, if I leave it at his house I know he'll read it.  I don't know if you're religious at all, but they're really uplifting."

My face is showing polite interest while my brain flicks through the cue-cards of possible replies.  "Oh, you mean the World's Worst Books?"  "I read them via this blog, it's called Slacktivist, it really gets into the dept of the story. You might like it! Want me to write down the site so you can google it when you get home?"  "I've heard their 'research' doesn't really match the bible, maybe you should check for sure."  "I'm religious; I'm Wiccan!"

But she seemed, other than her taste in books, like a very nice woman and anyway I'm at work so I have to be my cheerful "book-lady" persona, so what came out my mouth was something like, "Well anything that makes you a better person is all good." and a suggestion to check back soon because we nearly always have the first book in stock.  The lady left happy and I spent some time wondering if she really did find anything to improve her life in these terrible books, or if she was so fooled by sweet-tasting lies.  I mean I've found beauty and joy in some quite stupid stories, so perhaps the right person could find authentic good even there.  I would've liked to ask more, but there's no way I could've done so without expressing my negative opinion and that's a no-no for an employee.

Perhaps I'll make some postits advertising slacktivist and put them inside the covers.