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— by Cupcakedoll Cupcakedoll
Today a man came up to me...
"Are you the book lady?  I've got a story for you.  In Georgia they're paying unemployed teachers to type all the old textbooks into the computer and then destroying the books.  Destroying them!"

I'm not in favor of destroying books and, "They could give them to schools in Africa or somewhere..."

This was not his point.  "But once it's in the computer it can be changed.  History can be changed!"

Not interested in following that train to conspiracy-theory land I responded something about how it isn't all THAT easy to edit a .pdf and escaped to do more work.  I could also have told him that just by the number of textbooks WE get, they're hardly an endangered species.  If I hadn't been so busy it might have been an interesting conversation.  History changes all the time anyway as new stuff is discovered and the old only-white-males-do-anything-worth-remembering view is changed to include other genders and colors.  But I hope-- and assume-- the old textbooks will be kept in some kind of archive, maybe even a nice fee online archive, so we can study what people thought. History via an infinite recursion of history textbooks.

Currently reading The Replacement. Changelings, dark fairies, beauty in gruesomeness.  And a great cover picture.