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— by AnaMardoll AnaMardoll

You see that pop up from time to time in the eReader community: the idea that without paper, all the book scan be changed and then BAM it's 1984. It's an interesting concern, but I think it hinges on two misunderstandings.

1, electronic books CAN be kept in, say, the Amazon cloud and downloaded to a device on demand, but (in my conservative estimate) something like 20% of users download a copy onto their computer and store it in a backup area that the cloud server can't reach or modify.

2, paper books were really never immune from this. Someone could change things on the printing end and then BAM it's 1984. The only difference now is the belief that the change could happen simultaneously, everywhere, without backups to show the difference. See point #1.

My first thought was that no way would anyone pay teachers to TYPE when scanning is so cheap and relatively free of error (and which would additionally explain the destruction well enough, because the easiest way to scan a book is to destroy it in the process). Then I saw the "unemployed" part, so that was sad.