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— by Cupcakedoll Cupcakedoll
True thing, that paper books can be changed too.  I was surprised to find one of my Zilpha Keatly Snyder childrens' books with "African Americans" as opposed to "negroes" in the library's much older edition.  That's not a bad change or anything, to update the language so kids will know what's polite to say to other kids, but I wondered if they asked the author.  She's still alive, it's not like it's Shakespeare...

Another story:  We got a textbook that said on the cover in quite big letters,. "Not for the American and Canadian market.  If you bought this book in the US or Canada it was sold against the publisher's wishes."  I'd never seen such a thing before.  Hopped over and typed the ISBN into amazon.  Nuthin.

Luckily one of our resellers came in that day so I could show the book to him and get the scoop.  His scanner couldn't read it either, but he's tried to sell such books before and apparently they won't even list on amazon and even eBay will delete the auction if they find it.

OMGcensorship!  Ok, not really.  It's a chemistry textbook, has the same info as American chemistry textbooks I assume because science works the same wherever you go, not like it's censorship of the information.  Still, I hadn't known that publishers even had "territories" like this, much less that there was an entity powerful enough to enforce those territories on the internet.  The idea of enforcing anything on the internet boggles my now-reformed-pirate brain.  

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