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— by AnaMardoll AnaMardoll
03-08-2012, here's a post-apocalypse novel that doesn't have zombies for the zombie-haters! :D

Arena One, by Morgan Rice. Which is described as basically like The Hunger Games except not like The Hunger Games at all! Since the first review lays out all the copious ways the book is different (which I appreciate, thank you, Reviewer!), it sounds like it has the desperate "feel" of THG but in a completely different world-building scenario. I can dig that. :)

(This book is over my $2.99 limit, but I've gotten several 99 cent ones in this thread, and I think it evens out.)

Also: This is SO MUCH FUN. I now have, like, eight Firefox tabs open to PubIt books I want to buy. It's like getting a present every day before Christmas.